How To Create A Lead Magnet To Get More Prospects

A lead magnet is the free incentive you offer in exchange for somebody joining your email list. Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies for running a profitable online business. It doesn’t matter which niche you’re in you must have a responsive email list.

People will not give you their email address to receive something that doesn’t interest them. When you create a lead magnet it has to be something so enticing that your prospect would otherwise pay for it.

Types Of Lead Magnet

Your lead magnet can come in a variety of formats. Think about what your audience is most likely to respond to. Here are some examples

Cheat Sheet: This might be in the form of a worksheet, notes, a mind map, or some kind of visual.
Course: People often like email courses that they receive over time.
Report: A short, easy-to-digest report that offers a great strategy or tips.
eBook: A longer, more comprehensive lead magnet in the form of an eBook.
Audio File: A sound recording or course that teaches something.
Video: A video that teaches something, shares a great strategy, demonstrates something, etc.
Coupon: A discount to new prospects who sign up for your list.
Quiz: People like to answer questions and see if they’re correct, so you can deliver their results via email.
Keep It Simple
Don’t over complicate things. Your offer should be simple and effective. It should be easy to understand the value that you’re offering and easy to sign up. Make sure your lead capture page (also called a squeeze page) is clean and straightforward.

Be Precise

Ensure that your offer is specific. Offering one solution to one problem people in your market have. You don’t want to be to general or attempt to cover lots of different areas. Really spell out exactly what people can expect to receive.

Build A Great Lead Capture Page

Remember that you really have to encourage people to sign up for your list. You really have to “sell” it so people will sign up. Make it an offer they can’t refuse and put the strongest 3 to 5 benefits on the lead capture page.

You Need Highly Targeted Traffic

Direct targeted web traffic to your lead magnet. This means you know your audience will be interested in what you have to say. You can use paid or free traffic or a combination. If you have a good lead capture page and you create a lead magnet that your target audience will want, you’ll get a sizeable amount of sign ups for your list.

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