Celebrates With Virtues and Not on a Mere Knowledge

While our society aimed for advancement, the role of education has also strengthened. It becomes the advocate of industrialization hence, the reason for effective and efficient work forces.Like any other prerogative a person can practice, education remains as one of the most celebrated products of liberalism. As how important education can nurture us, it can also squeeze us out of our comfort zone that is, using education unconstructively to conquer the credulity. Furthermore, education is always viewed as a positive chain for one’s success and sophistication.In the past through imperative reference and education, many are awakened and liberated themselves from the old tradition that harmed a lot of innocent people. Through the learning we gained, we are able to weigh things and draw out the reasons for its significance and its possible damages. Today, where education has produced a lot of incredible and liberated minds, spring a lot of changes in the society more on for the progression and industrialization.The question of what constitutes the product of real education can be viewed through the following:Interest about others. A real educated man sees and appreciates things and entities apart from himself. No one ever survived from being alone. It is a two-way channel. You interact with them to give learning while you listen to them to earn knowledge.Moral beliefs and virtue. A man may be incredibly learned with science and things around him. It taught us how things evolve, what location we are in the universe and how short life was for human beings but it could never teach us how to live our life the way we are able to savor all the things that we discovered. The thing is that, an educated man has a more sensitive and deeper knowledge of things that do not exist through our bare eyes but beyond what the eyes can see.Lament over the invasion of technology. As how useful and efficient technology has brought us, the other side of it has drowned us to the world of superficiality. An educated man rejoices over the success of an invention that eventually helped human to be more productive and to make work easier but laments over the technology turning the most hallowed and sacred event in the past into a mere piece of writing. It blinds human from the awareness of the real pain and effort of culture.Society only sees progression. The real educated man does not only sees the advancement produced in the society but sensible with the inequitable condition of the world beyond industrialization thus pursuing the answer on how to make use of earth’s inadequate resources.Cruelty of knowledge. Truly, there are so many things in the world that are left unanswered that even the minds of Einstein and modern intellectuals combined failed to address such things. For an educated man, there are a lot of things to question, a lot of things to unravel but like any other thing, there are limits to the knowledge that we gain and we take like food just enough to nourish our body. What this thing means is that, a real educated man knows what to question and what to take enough to answer and feed his hungry mind. The danger is that knowledge could destroy us. It could tears us apart through our very own invention and creation.Talking about proper and essential education nowadays means passing a lot of tests to get into a quality education. From passing the tricky and challenging PSAT math up to securing a slot in a law school through thorough plans and LSAT prep, one may nonetheless gain the most celebrated knowledge a person may relish.Let us not be easily foxed by one’s incredible education for all we know, real education does not push us to stray but leads us to the right direction.

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